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PHCA Medical Group | Senior Healthcare Provider | Orlando, Florida

About PHCA Medical Group

PHCA Medical Group has been a Central Florida premier senior-focused medical group since 1992. As a well-known ethical and professional medical group, PHCA Medical Group has been committed to providing science-based health services with compassion, respect, and dedication. We serve our patients in the fields of adult medicine, geriatric medicine, internal medicine, and preventive care.

Our medical profession is certainly a scientific and evidence-based endeavor. But our passion has always been you, the person. We strive to get to know you and gain your trust by paying attention and listening to your concerns, your expectations, and your needs. So that hand in hand we may walk together towards your optimal health.


Primary Care: Our medical clinics are your home. You can either choose to schedule a visit with a specific provider, just walk in for the first available provider, or simply call your nurse’s direct line. We are always ready to serve your needs.

Preventive Care: At PHCA Medical Group, we are Adult Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Doctors specialist dedicated to Primary Care.  We are committed to controlling chronic illness by increasing our commitment to preventing complications and the progression of the illness. For this reason, we constantly educate and advise our patients on all the nationally proven and recommended screening tests and chronic disease management protocol.

From bone density testing, mammograms, colorectal screening to glaucoma prevention; we follow and track your results, your frequency of testing, and what test have you missed all to make sure you do not forget and you follow through.

Background Office Strategy

After your medical visit to PHCA Medical Group, a lot goes on behind the scenes in order to care for you. To better manage your needs, we have a multifaceted approach. Our staff is divided into different teams of professionals that constantly work for you. They are monitoring and addressing the varied aspects of your health:

  • Execution of specialist reports
  • Analyzing lab results
  • Abnormal lab response
  • Timing of future lab test
  • Coordination of medication refills
  • Planning your follow-up visits

We are constantly focused on identifying the steps you need to take for you to achieve your best possible quality of life.

Chronic Disease Management: We are very focused on maintaining constant control and balance of all chronic conditions. Our purpose is to do everything for you to enjoy your life and to stay away from hospitals and emergency rooms. To achieve this, you can count on our medical professionals with their decades of medical experience plus our network of expert specialists.

  • Diabetes Type II
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Coronary Disease
  • Angina
  • COPD management
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • and others, we got you covered.

Pharmacy Line: Constantly executing electronic medication reviews, electronic medication refills, coordinating home delivery of medications for approved plans.

Specialist Care Coordination

From Altamonte Springs to Kissimmee our knowledgeable physicians and healthcare professionals are constantly providing you with a high standard of medical services delivered to you personally with honest human caring.

At PHCA Medical Group, we want you to be part of our family.